How A Furnace Works

furnace repair columbusEvery homeowner should understand how a furnace works because this information will help the homeowner properly maintain the furnace and watch for symptoms of problems. The function of a furnace can be easily described, but the diagnostics required to repair a furnace are more complex. Our company completely understands how to service a furnace to keep it running at optimum performance. We know that the cold weather requires the furnace to work harder, so we want your home to be warm when you need warmth the most.

The conventional gas furnace has an Annual Fuel Efficiency Rating (AFUE) of up to 89 percent. The AFUE is a metric representing the amount of energy which is used to provide heat. The high efficiency condensing gas furnace has an AFUE of 90 percent or higher. Both furnaces use gas burners with an electronic ignition. Although the condensing furnace is little more complex, the primary difference is it has a more efficient heat generating process after energy combustion.

A discussion about how a furnace works begins with the intake of unheated air which is cleaned by an air filter. When the thermostat calls for heat, a gas burner using a steel heat exchanger heats up the air. Properly adjusted burners increase the efficiency of the furnace and save energy. Either a pilot light or an electronic ignition lights the gas. The heated air is then distributed through the duct work by a blower motor and a fan. A limit switch keeps the furnace from overheating which is an important safety feature. The blower motor uses a belt to operate the fan. Carbon monoxide is dispersed through the flue into the out side air.

furnace replacement grove cityOur technicians know how to service a furnace. They are skilled in troubleshooting the conventional furnace and the condensing furnace. They have all of the equipment required to diagnose a problem, and they have the high quality parts needed to make repairs. Our Grove City furnace technicians can give your furnace a tune up to increase its efficiency and eliminate safety risks.

Some of the most common problems include gas burners that are dirty or need adjusting, and heat exchangers that leak which can result in creating carbon monoxide. The thermostat is checked for the proper calibration and for effectively signaling the furnace to provide warm air. The fan motor will be lubricated and the fan cage will be cleaned. All wiring connections will be tightened. All safety controls will be checked so that dangerous problems can be avoided. Every functional aspect of your furnace will be checked.
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